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Build and operate your with our customizable modules for medical staff and patients.

about dotbase

What is dotbase?

Customizable & Compliant

dotbase allows anyone to easily assemble required digital health applications from approved modules in real time. Solutions can be customized more directly and cost-effectively to meet medical needs.

Hospitals & Healthtech

The tested modules allow direct use in everyday medical practice and is therefore ideal for hospitals, CROs, health tech companies and anyone who needs customized solutions quickly.

Apps for patients and staff

dotbase has modular interfaces for medical staff and patients. The specific look and feel, contents and recorded data can be easily customized.

Integrated & Interoperable

dotbase is completely based on interoperable standards (FHIR, LOINC, etc). Open APIs make integration with existing systems simple.

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about dotbase

Modular Features

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    Manage your patients and keep track of tasks, appointments and appointments in your team.

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    Document and manage findings and connect to records from your existing HIS when needed.

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    Enter both simple and complex data in structured form. The data is then aggregated and visualized to support decision-making.

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    Our app enables patients to actively participate in monitoring and documentation with PROs. In addition, patients also receive direct insights into the course of their condition.

about dotbase

Easy Setup

about dotbase

Use Cases

dotbase can be used by outpatient clinics, university hospitals, as well as healthtech companies. Due to the modularity, very different use cases can be realized with dotbase.
  • Shows an illustration of a medical doctor in front of a laptop talking to a patient.

    Documentation for outpatient and inpatient care

  • Shows an illustration of a patient using their smartphone to answer a questionnaire and sending it to dotbase.

    Remote monitoring, PROs and clinical studies

  • Shows an illustration of a surgent during a surgery using dotbase on a smartphone.

    Task management and treatment pathways

  • Shows an illustration of three researchers in front of their laptops exporting different data from dotbase.

    Support for clinical decisions and data export

about us


We are an interdisciplinary team of developers, clinicians/researchers and UI/UX designers. We are united by the vision that the digitalization of healthcare must be adaptive and shaped by patients and medical experts themselves. For this purpose, we have created dotbase. We always have an open ear for new ideas and are very excited to see how it is used in the different areas!
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Shows a picture of Justus ZeinertJustus ZeinertFull-Stack Engineering
Shows a picture of Gregor WenzelGregor WenzelMedical Expert
Shows a picture of Johannes BreuerJohannes BreuerUI / UX Design
Shows a picture of Cora HintzeCora HintzeAssistant Project Management
Shows a picture of Clara UktarClara UktarFull-Stack Engineering
Shows a picture of Jasper MecklenburgJasper MecklenburgStrategic & Medical Lead
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about us

We're Hiring

  • Working Student - EngineeringFrom nowTo expand our core team, we are looking for a working student in the field of engineering. If you enjoy Vue, Typescript, Node.js, Flutter and Dart or would like to learn them, just drop us a message.
  • Backend EngineerFrom nowWe are looking for a DevOps Engineer to expand our core team. You are interested in microservice-based backends, love to automate and optimize things? Then drop us a mail.
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Join the Waitlist

We are currently testing dotbase with limited partners from university hospitals and industry. Please register for the waiting list and we will notify you as soon as the public beta phase starts.
  • Base

    • 1 dotbase
    • 10 incl. user per dotbase
    • 5000 patients per dotbase
    • All standard modules (Documentation, PROMS, Lists etc.)
    • Web-based support & Automatic Updates​
    • Hosted on our servers​
    • For individuals, research groups ​and small registries ✅
  • Premium

    • Base plus:
    • up to 25 dotbase
    • 100 incl. user per dotbase
    • 10.000 patients per dotbase
    • Companion App SDK & Custom URL
    • Advanced Data Analytics
    • Direct support & Automatic Updates​
    • For smaller hospitals & clinical trials ✅
  • Enterprise

    • Premium plus:
    • up to 100 dotbase
    • Unlimited user per dotbase
    • Unlimited patients per dotbase
    • 24/7 support & Automatic Updates​
    • White labeled Patient App possible
    • On-Premise Installation possible
    • For large ​hospitals, CROs & health-tech companies ✅
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If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQs. Check out the documentation for more information on how dotbase works and how you can create medical content or export data for research. And if you are a developer and want to work with dotbase, our repos on Github are also a good place to start.