The open platform for data-driven medicine

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The adaptive system for state-of-the-art management of with modular documentation, built-in remote monitoring and analytics.

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The Platform

FHIR data storage

Patient-centric database with modular user interface and adapters, e.g. for existing HIS.

Medical Dashboard

Cross-platform app for visit documentation, analytics, and management of the treatment pathway.

Patient App

Connected smartphone app (iOS/Android) for monitoring, PROs and insights.

Modular backend

Appearance, clinical templates and adapters can be easily customized or swapped.

Shows an illustration of how dotbase connects patients and medical staff with the data they need.
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Dashboard & App

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    Manage your patients and keep track of tasks, appointments and appointments in your team.

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    Document and manage findings and connect to records from your existing HIS when needed.

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    Enter both simple and complex data in structured form. The data is then aggregated and visualized to support decision-making.

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    Our app enables patients to actively participate in monitoring and documentation with PROs. In addition, patients also receive direct insights into the course of their condition.

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Easy Setup

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Set-up of dotbase on-premise or cloud-based

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Customization with templates and adapters

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dotbase is ready for use - accessible via tablets and PCs

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Use Cases

dotbase works for single practitioners as well as university hospitals. dotbase comes battery-included, uses modern web standards, ensures data protection by design and provides future-proof data quality and interoperability.
  • Shows an illustration of a medical doctor in front of a laptop talking to a patient.

    Documentation for outpatient and inpatient care

  • Shows an illustration of a patient using their smartphone to answer a questionnaire and sending it to dotbase.

    Remote monitoring, PROs and clinical studies

  • Shows an illustration of a surgent during a surgery using dotbase on a smartphone.

    Task management and treatment pathways

  • Shows an illustration of three researchers in front of their laptops exporting different data from dotbase.

    Support for clinical decisions and data export

about us


We are an interdisciplinary team of developers, clinicians/researchers and UI/UX designers. We are united by the vision that the digitalization of healthcare must be adaptive and shaped by patients and medical experts themselves. For this purpose, we have created dotbase. We always have an open ear for new ideas and are very excited to see how it is used in the different areas!
Shows a picture of Andrea KreichgauerAndrea KreichgauerFull-Stack Engineer
Shows a picture of Christian FriedowChristian FriedowFull-Stack Engineer
Shows a picture of Robert TimmRobert TimmFull-Stack Engineer
Shows a picture of Daniel StachnikDaniel StachnikWorking Student - Engineering
Shows a picture of Justus ZeinertJustus ZeinertWorking Student - Engineering
Shows a picture of Gregor WenzelGregor WenzelMedical Doctor
Shows a picture of Johannes BreuerJohannes BreuerUI / UX Designer
Shows a picture of Cora HintzeCora HintzeAssistant Project Management
Shows a picture of Jasper MecklenburgJasper MecklenburgMedical Doctor
Shows a picture of Andrea KühnAndrea KühnHead of Unit
about us

We're Hiring

  • Frontend EngineerFrom nowWe are looking for a fulltime frontend engineer for our core team. You will accompany the development of new features from the user request, through the design up to the test in the field.
  • Working Student - EngineeringFrom nowTo expand our core team, we are looking for a working student in the field of engineering. If you enjoy Vue, Typescript, Node.js, Flutter and Dart or would like to learn them, just drop us a message.
  • Backend EngineerFrom nowWe are looking for a DevOps Engineer to expand our core team. You are interested in microservice-based backends, love to automate and optimize things? Then drop us a mail.
  • Working Student - Medical ContentFrom nowTo expand our core team, we are looking for a working student in the field of medical content. In the field of medical content you'll customize dot.base to the needs of the medical staff to help them to be more productive.
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Get Started

We are happy to help you set up a dotbase instance. dotbase itself is docker-based and can be quickly deployed to any virtual server.
  • Base

    • Modular documentation based on shareable templates (FHIR)
    • Clinical Scores based on shareable templates (FHIR)
    • Scans, Video & File Upload
    • Patient Lists
    • Automated doctors letters
    • Full FHIR REST-API
    • Community Support
    • For tech-savy researchers & their labs ✅
  • Pro

    • Base Features plus:
    • Patient App for Remote Monitoring & PROs based on shareable Templates (FHIR)
    • Private Task Lists
    • Single-Sign-On
    • Support for migrating legacy databases
    • KIS-Adapters (Patient-Import, File Import, PDF-Export)
    • For outpatient clinics & doctors offices ✅
  • Enterprise

    • Pro Features plus:
    • Multiple Organizations
    • White Labeled Patient App
    • Treatment Pathways
    • Sync existing (research) databases
    • Individual Adapters for your enviroment (PACS, Lab, Medication,…)
    • For hospitals & stationary care ✅
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If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQs. Check out the documentation for more information on how dotbase works and how you can create medical content or export data for research. And if you are a developer and want to work with dotbase, our repos on Github are also a good place to start.