dot.base is a FHIR-fueled Health Record System

An open source project that provides a simple graphical interface for the clinical user, while data is automatically stored in Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®).

# Clinical Documentation with a modern Interface

dot.base is based on the idea that documentation software should make the clinician's life easier. How data is entered, is therefore one of the things that was given the most thought. The result is an easy-to-use modern graphical interface, which unnoticeably ensures high data quality.

# Make data from clinical routine accessible for research

Documentation in routine clinical practice is often subjectively recorded and neither machine-readable nor interoperable. dot.base is enabling to document logically structured data directly into a machine-readable format, while under time pressure.

# Storing safely in FHIR – the international communication standard

FHIR is the standard, in which all modern medical software will communicate. As all data in dot.base is just natively stored in FHIR, maximal interoperability is inherently given. The system architecture meanwhile ensures highest levels of data protection by design, as this is one of the most important and relevant requirement.

# Adapt to your needs, while maintaining interoperability

All forms and entry point in dot.base are easily adapted without code knowledge, but while changing the visual input fields you’re always secretly coding an interchangeable machine-readable FHIR-Resource. Already existing questionnaires are implemented in minutes.

# The dot.base Team

The development of dot.base is driven by a core team of clinicians, scientists and software engineers. We are part of a larger research group at the Charité Berlin that is working on movement disorders and neuromodulation (opens new window).

Andrea Software Engineer
Christian Software Engineer
Gregor Medical Doctor
Jasper Medical Doctor
Justus Working Student
Daniel Working Student