# Architecture

dot.base is based on a microservice architecture. This enables extensibility for specific use cases while maintaining adaptability to hospital infrastructures.

The dot.base architecture is divided into four service groups as depicted by the FMC diagram below.

dot.base Architecture Overview

# User Interface

The user interface service group contains two services the medical dashboard service and the patient app. The medical dashboard service targets both clinical users as well as researchers. Clinical users benefit from the medical dashboard through clean and consistent patient-related documentation while researchers gain access to large sets of pseudonymized data.
The patient app on the other hand targets patients and enables researchers and clinicians to record patient reported outcomes. For more information on user interface services see the user interface docs pages.

# Data Management

The system architecture of dot.base had to meet various requirements but above all a high data protection standard. dot.base, therefore, separates data into different sets. These sets are pseudonymized and stored independently of each other. The data management service group encloses services to store and retrieve data in this system. For more information on data management, see the data management docs.

# Interoperability

One of the core principles of dot.base is interoperability with other systems as well as hospitals. Therefore dot.base integrates two different sets of interoperability services. One set of hospital integrations to connect to existing systems within hospitals like identity providers, central file storage, or hospital information systems.
The other set of cross-hospital communication adapters to exchange clinical data between different hospitals when patients are treated in both. If you are interested in how dot.base integrates with your hospital or how data is exchanged between hospitals have a look into the interoperability docs.

# Identity and Access Management

The identity and access management service group wraps the authentication and authorization for dot.base instances. It contains two services. First, an authentication gateway which all users and external services have to pass to access dot.base.
Second, an identity provider that manages user information and connects to already existing identity providers in hospitals (e.g. LDAP Servers or Keycloak Servers). If you are interested in the specifics of authentication and authorization have a look at the Identity & Access Management Section.