# Overview

dot.base is a FHIR-fueled electronic health record system. It enables clinicians to record structured data with ease during their clinical routine.
This structured data is highly demanded and very valuable to both medical care and research. To accomplish this grade of detail, dot.base uses completely customizable forms and combines these with the FHIR-Standard (opens new window) as the native format of data storage.

Many electronic health record systems force a rigid structure into the documentation of medical data. As specialized outpatient clinics have very specific needs in visualization of data and customization of data input, dot.base is designed to be extensible. The core system comes with a range of standard functionalities for documenting medical data. Through extensions, this system can be adjusted to manage sophisticated scenarios like documenting deep brain stimulation settings.

Since there are many excellent services for the healthcare sector, we believe integrating those is always a better option than reinventing them. Therefore, dot.base aims for maximum interoperability, and the extension system within enables that. Utilizing the extension system a connection between dot.base and another software solution is up and running within a few hours. This enables us to integrate dot.base into a hospital with hundreds of running software solutions seamlessly.