# The Medical Dashboard

The medical dashboard is the graphical user interface (GUI) for the end-user of dot.base. It is written in Typescript and Vue.js and is a Progressive Web App (PWA). It is therefore not dependent or limited to any proprietary operating system and can also be used on mobile. The interaction is always patient-centric, but information can be entered and viewed for either single patients or patient cohorts

At the basic level, it provides a variety of functionalities to the following user groups:

# For Medical Staff it

  • enables searching for patients
  • enables entering medical documentation
  • enables viewing the documentation
  • enables searching and filtering the documentation

# For Administrative Staff it

  • provides the ability to customize the input documents
  • provides administration of patient cohorts
  • provides user role and access management

# For Researchers, according to individual IRB approval, it

  • provides search and export functionalities
  • facilitates data collection
  • enables collaboration between researchers
  • can provide large pseudonymized clinical data sets

Of course, it is best to get an understanding of a GUI by trying it out. Please check out the Github Repo (opens new window) to do so!