# FHIR Storage

The FHIR Storage component is the main data storage of dot.base. It includes multiple fhir servers that store data by its category. Furthermore, it includes a proxy server to provide other components with a central access point.

FHIR Storage Architecture Overview

# Data Categories

dot.base divides data into different categories and stores these categories in separate containers. This is to ensure an additional level of data protection while at the same time generating pseudonymized data sets. The three major data categories are core data, clinical data, and study data.

# Core Data

Core data is identifying data for patients like names, birth dates, and addresses. It is used to de-pseudonymize other data sets in a clinical context. This is the only data category in dot.base that is not stored pseudonymized.

# Clinical data

Clinical data contains all information directly related to patient care. This for example includes medications, conditions, and other clinical data for a patient. This data is stored fully pseudonymized.

# Study data

Study data includes all data related to clinical trials and research. Each study in a dot.base instance is contained by an own container wrapping its data. This is again to ensure a high level of data protection standard.